2. Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This website collects certain information by using cookies and other similar technologies to improve the usability and content of the website.

This Cookie Policy explains how to use them.

1. About Cookies and Similar Technologies

A cookie is data that is sent from a website and stored on a device as a tag to identify the device when a user accesses the website using a device.

By using cookies, it is possible to obtain information such as the number of times a user has visited a website using the device, as well as websites other than the ones that the user has visited in the past.

Users may disable cookies and similar technologies through their browser settings. For details, please refer to the section "How to Delete or Disable Cookies and Similar Technologies".

2. Using Cookies and Similar Technologies

This website utilizes cookies for the purposes of achieving a more convenient viewing experience and continuously improving the website.

A cookie is data sent to a user’s browser from the server that manages this website. The cookie that is sent is saved on the user’s device (computer or mobile device, etc.).

However, information such as the user’s name, address, phone number, and other information that identifies the user are not included in part or whole in this cookie.

Additionally, these cookies have no direct negative effect on the user’s device.

This website uses cookies provided by a third-party contractor to assess the access information of each page on this website.

It is possible for the user to decline cookies through the use of appropriate browser settings.

Disabling cookies in this way will not hinder the use of this website in any major way. Refer to your browser supplier for information on these browser settings.

3. Tools Used, Information Collected and Purpose of Use

Google Analytics

  • • Tool provider: Google Inc.

  • • Information collected: Usage status of the website (access status, traffic, routing, etc.)

  • • Purpose of use: To improve the usability and the website

Note: There are cases where notifications (advertisements) are distributed to viewers who have visited the website in the past when they visit specific pages.

Google Inc. also collects and uses information on the user's website usage.

For details, please refer to the following websites:

For the privacy policy of Google Inc., please refer to the following website.

Information on Google Analytics can also be obtained from the following website.

Cookies obtained

This website obtains the following cookies for access analysis.

Note: Refer to Cookie list.

Use for advertisements

This website distributes notifications (advertisements) to users who have visited the website in the past, when they visit specific pages through the use of an ad service (display advertising/ remarketing/ retargeting functions) from advertisement distributors including Google. For those distributions, we use cookies to obtain information on the history of visits to this website.

If you do not want these kinds of notifications (advertisements), please delete or disable the cookie that has been stored on the device through the “how to disable cookies and similar technologies” instructions described below.

If you change your browser, delete the cookie or change to a new device, you may need to adjust the setting again.

How to delete or disable cookies and similar technologies

(1) How to delete all cookies

The cookies saved on the user’s device are kept there unless the user intentionally deletes them or until they expire.

Most of the popular browsers activate cookies by default, however it is possible for the user to delete cookies on their browser.

Please refer to the following links on how to delete cookies in the browsers listed below:

(2) How to disable/enable Google Analytics cookies on a site-by-site basis

A user can disable/enable cookies for Google Analytics (a service for analyzing usage status on the user’s website) on a site-by-site basis with the following link buttons.

However, please be informed that the user will need to set cookies settings for both the Japanese [1] and English [2] sites as the Tokyo Unique Venue sites are structured with two different domains.

[1] Japanese site [2] English site
https://uniquevenues-jp.metro.tokyo.lg.jp https://uniquevenues-en.metro.tokyo.lg.jp

(3) A cookie for advertisement distribution

A user can disable the cookie for advertisement distribution function by opting out. Click one of the links below.

However, the user will need to repeat the opt-out procedure when changing the browser or disabling a cookie.

(4) Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on

The user can decline tracking of Google Analytics by using the Google Analytics opt-out add-on.

The Google Analytics opt-out add-on is a function for the user of the website to disable the use of data by JavaScript. To use the function, download the add-on and install it in your browser.

Last modified: March 31, 2022