2. Website Usage Agreement

Website Usage Agreement

Tokyo Metropolis (hereinafter: "Tokyo") requires your consent to the following user agreement terms (hereinafter: "The Agreement") in the course of using the unique event venue introduction website, "Tokyo Unique Venues" (hereinafter: "The Website"). Users of The Website must confirm and agree to the terms of The Agreement prior to usage.

In addition, the content of The Agreement will be revised as necessary, so please review the latest version when using The Website.

Article 1: Agreement Conditions

The Website is managed and operated by Tokyo for the purpose of sharing information with users who are considering making use of a unique venue in the Tokyo area for their event. Tokyo may modify The Agreement without the consent of the users. Except in cases defined otherwise by Tokyo, revised versions of The Agreement will be considered in effect once they have been displayed on The Website. If users access The Website after new versions of The Agreement are in effect, these users will be considered to have consented to all of the terms of the applicable version of The Agreement.

If cautionary points and other usage guidance for the provision of services (hereinafter: collectively referred to as "Cautionary Points, Etc.") are posted on The Website by Tokyo, the applicable Cautionary Points, Etc. will be considered included as a part of the terms of The Agreement. By using The Website, all users will be considered to have given their consent to the terms of The Agreement.

Article 2: Service Agreement

1. Usage of the services of The Website

Users may only use the services of The Website after consenting to the terms of The Agreement.

2. Guarantees and modification related to service content

Regarding the content of services provided, Tokyo does not guarantee a lack of defects or bugs.
In addition, Tokyo may modify the content or specifications of services, temporarily stop the services, or terminate them entirely without any prior notification to the users required.

Article 3: Protection of Personal Information

The Website collects personal information from users strictly within the scope necessary for ensuring the provided services operate smoothly. The collection, usage, and management of this personal information is handled in accordance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information (Ordinance No. 113, 12/21/1990) (hereinafter: "The Ordinance"), and in addition to ensuring proper handling as defined below, Tokyo is also making efforts to keep The Website safe so anyone can use it with peace of mind.

(Personal Information)

For the purposes of The Agreement, personal information refers to information such as users' names, affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information which could be used to determine users' identities which is received as part of inquiries to Tokyo submitted through The Website.

(Scope of Usage)

Personal information will be used solely on The Website (https://uniquevenues-en.metro.tokyo.lg.jp), and will not be used on any third-party sites linked on The Website. As for the handling of information at linked websites, this is the responsibility of the organizations running the applicable websites.

(Collection of Personal Information)

When Tokyo collects personal information through The Website, this will be done with the consent of the applicable user as a general rule.

(Purpose of Collection of Personal Information)

There are two purposes for the collection of personal information: (1) providing unique venue guidance for users who make an inquiry through the "Unique Venue One-Stop Comprehensive Contact Window" run by Tokyo and (2) contacting users when providing advice for smooth use of The Website.
Collection and usage of this personal information will be permitted only for the "Unique Venue One-Stop Comprehensive Contact Window" run by Tokyo.

(Usage Restrictions for Personal Information)

Personal information collected from our users will be used solely for the purposes and within the scope defined above. With the exception of providing the personal information to a third-party other than Tokyo due to a legal requirement, personal information will not be used for any purpose which exceeds the collection objectives.
However, statistical information such as user attribute demographics may be made public, provided this information is completely free of any and all personal information.

(Management of Personal Information)

The collected personal information will be strictly managed by Tokyo, with appropriate measures in place to prevent leakage, misappropriation, falsification, and other tampering.
In addition, although there may be portions of the operations of The Website which are outsourced, any and all outsourcing sites will enact identical preventive measures.

Article 4: Disclaimer

Tokyo does guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information on The Website in any way. Posted information may be changed without notice.
Tokyo bears no responsibility for any losses or damages suffered by users either directly or indirectly as a result of information or content contained on The Website.

Article 5: Prohibitions

In the course of using The Website, users are prohibited from carrying out any of the following actions.

  1. Posing as another person and sending or posting information
  2. Using The Website with a method other than those approved by Tokyo
  3. Using The Website for commercial purposes
  4. Modifying The Website without permission
  5. Sending or posting a virus or other harmful computer program or sending spam emails, chain letters, junk mail, or other unwanted email
  6. Infringement of the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of Tokyo or any third party, or actions suspected to be such infringement
  7. Slander, libel, defamation, or invasion of privacy of Tokyo or any third party, or actions suspected to be damaging in these ways
  8. Making information, prose, images, or other media which violates public common decency publicly viewable to others
  9. Registering purposefully falsified information for the name, address, phone number, email address, or other personal information of yourself or someone else
  10. Harassment of Tokyo or a third party
  11. Actions which violate the previous articles of The Agreement
  12. Intentionally sending information which is clearly for the purpose of a prank
  13. Actions which are criminal violations of the law, connected to such violations, or actions suspected to be criminal
  14. Solicitation for groups, services, or activities which have no relation to the services provided by The Website
  15. Using member IDs, passwords, or the services for fraudulent purposes, or having others do so on your behalf
  16. Registration of multiple accounts as a single user or the suspicion of such actions
  17. Using an improper program, script, or other means to overload the server
  18. Violation of other laws, public order and morals, or the terms of The Agreement, including in the past, or the suspicion of such violations
  19. Any and all other actions determined to be inappropriate by Tokyo

If Tokyo determines that a user has performed any of the actions above or a site operator determines in the course of their work that an inappropriate action has been performed, Tokyo may block the applicable user from using The Website, revoke their membership qualifications, and take additional actions such as filing claims for damages (including taking legal action) as necessary.
If Tokyo or a third party suffers damages as a result of an action performed by a user in violation of the previous clause, the applicable user shall be responsible for reparations commensurate with the damages, paid at their own expense.

Article 6: Prohibition of Violation of Copyrights and Other Intellectual Property Rights

Users are prohibited from using images on The Website which violate the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of Tokyo or any third party, or are suspected of violating said rights.

Article 7: Modification of Works

For images of shops, dishes, and any and all other images registered by users, editing within the necessary scope for usage and posting on The Website and search sites for restaurants with foreign language menus will be allowed.
In addition, Tokyo may duplicate the edited images above and make them public for promotional activities and other purposes related to The Website in some cases..

Article 8: Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights

With the exception of materials provided by the users, any and all rights related to the prose, images, programs, and any and all other data which makes up The Website (including but not limited to copyright, ownership, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, and publicity rights) are attributed to Tokyo. Regardless of the methods or form used, the users are expressly prohibited from reproducing, copying, reposting, forwarding, storing, selling, publishing, or carrying out any other actions using these materials without the permission of Tokyo.

Article 9: Reparations

Tokyo shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any disputes or other issues arising as a result of actions performed by users of The Website.

Article 10: Agreement Modifications

Tokyo may revise The Agreement as it deems necessary without any prior notification to the users required.
However, if the applicable modifications will have a major impact on the users, a reasonable advance notice period will be provided.

Article 11: Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of The Agreement terms provided in this document for the usage of The Website will be governed by Japanese law unless otherwise specified. Also, for any and all disputes related to the usage of The Website, Tokyo District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction over the first hearing.