3. Online Promotional Video shooting at Tsukiji Uogashi



Online Promotional Video shooting at Tsukiji Uogashi

Tsukiji Uogashi

 One of the roles of the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau(TCVB) is to create videos and stream content, such as the latest news on daily life in Tokyo and unique cultural experiences available in the city. For meeting planners and DMCs in various countries arranging corporate events and incentive tours, these videos are exceptionally useful. This year, TCVB streamed videos featuring images taken at Tsukiji Uogashi, a bustling hub of activity in Tsukiji (Outer Market), known as Japan's "food town".

Tsukiji Uogashi Tsukiji Uogashi

 At Tsukiji Uogashi, visitors can experience various events on the third floor while feeling the vibrant atmosphere of the fresh seafood and produce markets on the ground floor. This time, the Uogashi Studio was used to make and introduce "Mosaic Sushi" - one example of the many cultural / entertainment programs, which Tokyo offers. Moreover, on the same floor, you'll find a food court and an outdoor space that can be rented (see above image) where attendees can enjoy a barbeque. Enjoy unique experiences in Tokyo through food while team building by making delicious "washoku" Japanese cuisine together.

Tsukiji Uogashi Tsukiji Uogashi

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Note: Some of the images shown are clippings from actual footage taken for the video (Recorded in September - October 2021)



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