3. Hybrid Corporate Conference Tokyo Daijingu Shrine



Hybrid Corporate Conference
Tokyo Daijingu Shrine

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 Tokyo Daijingu Shrine, built in 1880, is famous as a power spot for matchmaking and was chosen as the venue by a PCO(Professional Congress Organizer) company for a hybrid conference.

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 In response to the organizer's wish to make their new project presentation an opportunity for new ideas and realizations, Tokyo Unique Venues proposed the Mizuho room, as it has a tranquil, otherworldly atmosphere and is equipped to deliver hybrid events smoothly to both in-person and online attendees. Due to the large windows, this room is filled with natural light, and one can view the abundant greenery of the surrounding area. Many participants visited Tokyo Daijingu Shrine for the first time to attend this event and could experience a space unlike anything in their daily lives.

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 The facility is equipped with a screen, projector, and microphone. The Conference came to a successful conclusion and was followed by a tour of the Salon facilities and worship area as well as the Kamiji room, which is a reconstruction of the former Marquis Maeda's residence. It was a very productive event as participants learned about the shrine's history and discussed many ideas for utilizing its spaces for business events.

Although the Kamiji room is normally only available for wedding ceremonies, by going through Tokyo Unique Venues, enquires can be made regarding other types of events.

Please feel free to contact us when considering an event at Tokyo Daijingu Shrine. At Tokyo Unique Venues, we are ready to serve you with our breadth of expertise, from various application procedures to advice during setup.

【Event Overview】
 Date: September 16, 2022
 Number of participants:30

Professional Congress Organizer Venue Map

 *Venue Map(The outlined area was the main event space)



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